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350m² of workshop dedicated to manufacturing, and 800m² of modular assembly hall, including 2 grey rooms of 100m² for laboratory equipment

DÉFI SYSTÈMES carries out most of the manufacturing and assembly operations for equipment in its workshops. Whether mechanical or electrical, our qualified technicians ensure responsiveness, flexibility, and quality for our customers.
Méthodes de fabrication


  • Definition of machining ranges,
  • Definition of cutting rates and launch of subcontracting, if necessary,
  • Management of material supplies and subcontracting (CCPU),
  • Establishment of manufacturing procedures and tooling,
  • Realization of welding and DMOS books, organization of QMOS and QS.

Stainless steel and carbon steel boilerwork

  • Flow
  • CN bending,
  • Shaping and pointing,
  • Bending,
  • Welding TIG / MIG / rod process (including qualified welding),
  • TIG orbital welding,
  • Quality control (including COFREND 2 penetrant testing).

Mechanical machining

  • Drilling, tapping,
  • Conventional and NC turning,
  • Conventional and NC milling,
  • Visual and dimensional controls.

Manufacturing of electro-technical, pneumatic, and fluidic equipment

  • Implantation of components on the plates of the electrical power and control boxes,
  • Drilling for the preparation of cabinets and boxes,
  • Electrical wiring,
  • Realization of pneumatic plates,
  • Piping and wiring fluidic panoplies (vacuum, gas, sensors, pumps, etc.).

Assembly and tuning

  • Mechanical assembly,
  • Wiring of boxes and connections,
  • Control of correct operation and quality control (including COFREND 2 sealing),
  • Realization of models simulating customer environment,
  • Functional tests in factory,
  • Conformity certification (CE, sealing, Atex, etc.).

Parc machine et équipements

Parc machine et équipements

Atelier chaudronnerie

Boilermaking workshop

  • Band saw and various cutting equipment,
  • Press brake 135 T POWERBEN PRO CN 3 axes,
  • TIG welding station TPS 270i FRONIUS,
  • TIG welding station TRANSTIG 230 FRONIUS,
  • TIG welding machine FOCUS 200 MIGATRONIC,
  • ORBIMAT 180 SW ORBITALUM Orbital welding unit.
Usinage mécanique

Mechanical machining workshop

  • Conventional milling machine ERNAULT SOMUA Z1C ZHV1 Table 1200 mm x 300 mm,
  • TRAVIS CNC milling machine FAGOR Table 1200 mm x 350 mm,
  • Conventional lathe CAZENEUVE HBX 360, distance between centers 800mm - admissible diameter 360 mm,
  • TRAVIS TR1 CNC lathe FAGOR Distance between centers 1000 mm - admissible diameter 460 mm.
Boite à Gants

Asembly / Tuning hall

  • Gantry crane 2 tons
  • Forklift truck 1.8 tons

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