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As a player in the energy transition, DÉFI SYSTÈMES offers equipment that meets the needs of researchers and manufacturers in the field of hydrogen, both in the production and characterization of fuel cells (SOFC, PEMFC, etc.)

and quality control

Since 2017, we have been offering a range of casting benches, designed to produce thin-walled membranes (< 1mm), with proven precision and repeatability. By integrating ATEX issues in the design of our equipment, we offer casting benches making the use of flammable and/or explosive solvents possible.

In addition to this range of products, we offer quality control systems (measurement of the thickness of the finished product), either integrated on the production line or deported to a dedicated station.

Examples of realization

Test benches

In order to meet our customers' needs, we offer a series of PEMFC fuel cell test benches, covering various power ranges.

By integrating the design, manufacturing and assembly in our workshops, we offer a flexible solution and a quick response to all requests.

Examples of realization

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