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DÉFI SYSTÈMES provides its industrial and institutional clients with recognized expertise in the field of research, revolving around three main areas:

Specific benches and processes

We develop and carry out processes involving various thermodynamic problems (heating, hygrometry, pressure, etc.). The experience acquired in various fields allows us to propose multi-technical equipment according to specifications:

  • Drying skids,
  • Separation skids,
  • Test benches,
  • Chemical treatment benches,
  • etc.

As a manufacturer, we integrate in our workshops the custom-made realization of piping lines and capacities (bending, orbital welding, TIG welding) and their functional and regulatory control (tightness test, pressure resistance test, etc.).

Examples of achievements

Containment systems

Thanks to our experience in the development and integration of equipment in closed environments, we offer a range of containment systems that can be parameterized on request (integration of specific tools or processes, compliance with functional and dimensional constraints, etc.).

This range is available as follows :

  • Glove boxes :
    • Up to class 1 according to ISO 10648-2,
    • With or without inertization,
    • Seismic sizing on request.
  • Laboratory fume cupboards :
    • Qualification according to NF EN 14175-3,
    • Seismic sizing on request.

Examples of achievements

Laboratory tools for special applications

As a recognized player in the implementation of equipment in hostile environments, we have significant experience in the nuclearization of commercially available equipment, ranging from small tools (mill, metallizer, scales, etc.) to complete equipment (electronic microscopes, processing machines, etc.).

We develop customized solutions to meet complex constraints (suitability for remote handling, operation under ionizing radiation, etc.).

With many achievements in this field, we also offer a range of products for the preparation of samples and their analysis in shielded enclosures (catalog upon request).

Examples of achievements

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